About Us


Paasis try to make excellence tutoring affordable to the common people.

You may be shocked to learn that even in most developed nations students have to pay the tuition fee to learn new courses.

Paasis want to remove this financial block to a good education. In fact, the only block to education must be an individual’s thirst for knowledge.

Our Vision

 Free Learning for ALL

Our Mission

 To make a knowledge sharing platform for all feasible courses, online.

Our Motto

Our motto has been inspired by the following verse from Brihandaranyaka Upanishad:




“Asato ma sadgamaya  ( From the unreal lead me to the real )

Tamaso ma jyotirgamaya  ( From the darkness lead me to light )

Mrutorma amrutamgamaya ( From death lead me to immortality )”




From Vedic times it has been our great religious tradition that God is regarded as man’s true inner light. By adopting this ancient dream of our land in our motto we are pledging ourselves not to keep this light hidden within us, not to be shy about it, but to let it shine forth in our actions so as to illumine the path of many around us. By a sense of our duty, we wish to spell out this motto in our lives. This implies a greater insertion into the community around us, developing sensitivity to problems affecting our countrymen.