Advantage and Disadvantage of Automation Software Testing


Advantage and Disadvantage of Automation Software Testing


Automation Testing is a technique of testing in which we enable the software to perform all manual test cases without human intervention.

Automation testing is testing where the tester writes scripts by own and uses suitable software to test the software. In other words, Automation testing uses automation tools to write and execute test cases, no manual participation is required while executing an automated test suite.

Basically, automation testing is an automation process of a manual process.

We have many advantages and benefits for project and organization while using Automation Tools for Testing. And also have some pitfalls or disadvantage of Automation testing which we need to be aware of.

In this article, I potted the advantages and disadvantage of Automation Testing


Advantage of Automation Testing


Regression and Retesting:

Repetitive work is very uninteresting if it is done manually. People are making mistakes when doing repetitive work over and over.

Regression testing is one of the best examples of repetitive work in which tester has to test the software again and again with the same test data. Regression is extremely tedious and time-consuming if doing it manually.

Automation testing is mainly used for regression testing, which helps to found new bugs in the code and separates them. Automation testing makes life easy for a software testing professional.

Greater consistency and repeatability:

Automation testing gives a consistent platform for all type of testing requirements. Automation will exactly reproduce what it did before, so each time it is run the result is consistent. This original consistency provides much-needed reliability for your testing.

Efficient Testing:

Test automation is a way to make the testing process enormously efficient. Testing team can be intentionally organized to tackle the delicate, case-specific tests. Automation testing can handle the repetitive, time-consuming tests that every software has to go through. Automation is a great way to not only save up on time, money and resources but also to generate a high ROI.

Frees up the time of the testers

Regression tests which need to be run on a regular basis, when automated, they free up the time of the testers, so they can focus more on.

Automation free up the time of the tester, when the requirement of regression is on a regular basis and tester can focus on interesting scenarios and exploratory testing

Ease of access to the information about test cases or testing

It’s very easy for the human mind to understand the information presented visually. For example, a chart or graph is a better way to show data than a long list of numbers. Automation tools give these features directly for the information they process. Like, including statistics and graphs about test progress (test execution or test management tool), event rates (incident management or test management tool) and performance (performance testing tool).

Up-gradation and Re-usability

Re-usability is one of the best aspects of Automation Testing. And also, the testing software directory can be upgraded and kept up-to-date after every new test and every new bug discovery. Its true test automation is expensive, but automation software is a long-lasting, reusable product which can justify its cost.

Unique Programmability and Shelf Life

Test automation software constructs exact testing specifications and also it serves as a prime module for future testing scenarios. Automated software developed by testing companies is modelled such that they have enough flexibility to handle a unique invention while submitting with the latest security and testing protocols. Automation testing is a powerful concept for time-saving, resourceful and top-notch results.

User Environment Simulation

Simulation of a typical UE (user environment) through categorically organized mouse clicks and keystrokes is another one of the unique features of Automation Testing. GUI testing is time-consuming and redundant actions because the tester has to organize the same procedures in simulated user-driven environments and check for issues in the receptiveness of the GUI. Automation Testing will make this process incredibly easy.

 Quick feedback

Quick feedback is also another great advantage of Automation testing on the health of the application as soon as the application is updated. This is very useful for the development team, they can fix issues before moving on to code other stuff, so quick feedback is important.

Note: –  Quick feedback can only be accomplished by unit tests and API tests where the UI is not achieved. If we check the functionality from UI or at the system level, it will take a long time for completion before we can get the results of the tests which is one of the disadvantages of automated testing.

 Disadvantage of Automation Testing


There are many advantages of using automation tools to support testing activities, but there are also many disadvantages of using these tools when support for testing is introduced and used.

ROI (Return on Investment) comes very late.

At the time of automation testing, the tester has written scripts of testing this will take some time to write that test script. For that company have to invest first for the resources like a tester, automation tools etc. these all take huge time for getting the result. But after making one-time test script ROI comes fast.

More Skilled Testers are Required.

For automation testing tester should have knowledge of automation and coding for this higher education is required as compared to manual testing.

More Maintenance is involved

After the updates in software, the tester has to maintain their scripts according to that updates. Maintenance in automation testing is performed as day to day aspect according to the software.

Automation is not testing

Automation is not testing, its just an automation of test cases written by manual testers to do regression easily

Testing is an exploration exercise; Tester must have domain knowledge, be questioning with a mind to focus on learning the behaviour of the application and apply proper test techniques to be able to point an individual in the software.

Testing is not just executing a set of pre-defined test steps and comparing the actual results with expected results; that can be the job of automated checks. But to properly test an application, human intelligence is always required.

Unrealistic expectations from the tool

Unrealistic expectations may be one of the greatest risks to success with tools. The tools are just software and we all know that there are many problems associated with any kind of software. It is very important to have clear and realistic objectives for what the tool can do.

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