eZAutomate is a scripting engine(Part of TestMagic™), it is a desktop application in which tester Creates and execute Business Component, Make Business Process workflow, Test case, manage data parameterization and get reports and logs. No-programming required the inbuilt and intelligent software has Automatic Script Generation capability

It is an easy-to-use solution to automate unit, integration, functional, smoke, sanity and regression testing for Web, Window, SAP, Oracle, Mainframe, Mobile and Web Service Applications. It provides a platform adapted to the needs of different projects for automated script development and execution. It is capable of testing single applications in different test environments with the help of a centralized automation code/data repository

It is a user-friendly interface, using hybrid framework for automation script creation generates keyword driven and for data parameterization logics generates Data-Driven. It is an incredible combination of keyword, data-driven and captures methodologies; it is capable to read the keyword actions at the object level and grouping actions which reduces maintenance time and test design time.

Some more Features:

  • Flexible Data parameterization, Dynamic & Static Data Concepts

  • Test data generation  from user-defined pre-sets & patterns

  • Inbuilt options of verification and looping concepts in the script.

  • Have execution and debug mode for execution of the script

  • Debug mode of execution is helpful to check runtime value of the script

  • Support for multi-browser test execution

  • Creation of test log and reports for each execution

  • Automatic Step Description Generation

  • Keyword, Data-Driven, BPT Support

  • Database to store Automated Scripts

  • Ability to export Automated Scripts in CSV and XML

  • The defect, Task, and Issue Tracking

  • Automatic Defect Report Creation

  • Multitype (Functional, Performance, Security and RPA (the Robotic process of automation)

  • Multi-Platforms (Web, Mobile, Oracle, Window, SAP, Mainframe, AS400.. & more)

  • Multi-OS (Linux, Unix, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS & Blackberry)

  • Multi-Device (Desktop, Mobile, IPad/Notebook/Tablets)

  • Multi-Browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Android, iOS)

  • Multi-Lingual

  • Multi-Level Reporting




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