How to Write Test Scenario & Test Case & Test Documenting


How to Write Test Scenario & Test Case


Steps to write Test Documenting Test Result

Basically, we have eight steps of writing test case result

  1. Test Scenario

  2. Test Case

  3. Pre-Condition

  4. Test Steps

  5. Test Data

  6. Expected Result

  7. Actual Result

  8. Pass/Fail

Test Scenario

Test Scenario are rather vague and cover a wide range of possibilities.

For example: – Consider a case of check Logging functionality of a Test so to describe which we are going to check is Test scenario.

Test Case

Test Case are the cases which we going to do test under scenario

This diagram shows the difference between Test Scenario and Test Case under Logging functionality.




Specify think which must be required in place before test case start.

Test Steps

This is required for understanding the work in test case for new user. Suppose author of test case is left job, sick or busy with another critical work and new person is hire for testing at that time test steps help him/her for testing easily.

Test Data

Test data is data which is used in testing, identify test data can be time consuming and may require some time and also required creating test data.

Expect Result

It is necessary to document expected result, if expected result is not documented we may miss out on small difference in calculation in result which otherwise look ok.

Actual Result

The Result that comes after running test case is actual result, this can show by writing a result on actual result box or we can take screen- short of a result.


Based on the actual result and expected result value assign to Pass or Fail to test case. If test case Pass, then moving to further process otherwise go back to the developer.

This entire table is created in word, excel and any other test management tool.

                                                        Sample of Test case documentation

Test Scenario

Test Case

Pre- Condition

Test Step

Test Data

Expected Result

Actual Result

Pass/ Fail

Check Gmail Logging Functionality

Check response on entering valid user name and password

Internet working

1.       Open

2.       Enter valid user id and password

3.       Click submit button

User name: Preeti

Password: Preeti12345

User name:

Password: Neha1234656

Gmail should be open





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