Testmagic – An Enterprise Automation Platform enables an ideal world of testing.


Testmagic™ is an incredibly useful set of tools used to automate Testing suites for both function or non-function testing type. it’s a Code Less Automation Testing Tool, means we can make automation script without using a single line of coding, just by doing capturing can create a script, can add any kind of verification in our script, and after that, we just need to execute the script for further testing.

Mainly four tools are used to create and execute automate testing script.

  • eZAutomate
  • TestMagic ALM
  • Magic Scheduler
  • Magic Connector

Before explanation of tools, the tester needs to understand about some terminologies.

Business component (BC): – Business component is a module for testing like if the tester has to test Gmail account in which login is a module, checking inbox is a module, sending mail is a module and logout is a module. In TestMagic™ Module is term as a business component.

Business Process Workflow (BPW): – Combination of Business Component is a Business Process Workflow.

Test Case (TC): – Combination of Business Process Workflow is a Test case.



  eZAutomate is a scripting engine, it is a desktop application in which tester Creates and execute Business Component, Make Business Process workflow, Test case, manage data parameterization and gets reports and logs.

TestMagic ALM:  

Testmagic ALM (Automation lifecycle management), it is a web application will use create Resources (Tester/Developer) Manage all projects like assign module, Data parameterizations, executing and schedule test case, and generating reports.

Magic Scheduler:

Magic Scheduler will use schedule test case on tester machine scheduled by Testmagic ALM.

Magic Connector:

Magic Connector is used to establish a connection between eZAutomate and TestMagic ALM.


How Testmagic™ Works.

Testing Flow Using TestMagic™

  1. On TestMagic ALM MagicManager( Person Who Creates Project and make Project Admin) will Create a project and Assign the role to project admin.
  2. On TestMagic ALM Project Admin assign role according to modules to developers and testers.
  3. On eZAUtomate, Tester will create Business Component, Business Process Workflow.
  4. On TestMagic ALM or on eZAutomate Tester can create and execute test case but for scheduled test cases only done by TestMagic ALM.
  5. If Tester executed test case by eZAutomate then he/she can get reports from there otherwise TestMagic ALM generates a different kind of reports.

Modules Covered in TestMagic™

  • Web
  • Window
  • Oracle
  • SAP
  • Mainframe
  • Mobile(Android/iOS) Application

Types of Testing done in TestMagic™:


  1. Functional Testing: – All kind of functional testing (Regression, Integration, UAT) Automation scripts can be possible by TestMagic™.
  2. Web ServiceTesting: – TestMagic™ can do (Soap, Rest and XML RPC) web services.
  3. Database Testing
  4. Performance/ Load Testing
  5. Security Testing
  6. Compatibility / Interoperability Testing


How It’s Best Then Other Tools In Market

  1. Codeless test automation
  2. Quick ROI
  3. Easy to learn
  4. No need for a highly skilled profile
  5. Easy to maintain the script
  6. Featured with Object repository maintains
  7. Flexible Data Parameterization
  8. Support Multitype (Functional, Performance, Security and RPA (Robotic process of automation), Multi-Platforms (Web, Mobile, Oracle, Window, SAP, Mainframe, AS400.. & more), Multi-OS (Linux, Unix, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS & Blackberry), Multi-Device (Desktop, Mobile, IPad/Notebook/Tablets), Multi-Browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Android, iOS), and Multi-Lingual
  9. Generates Multi-Level Reporting.
  10. Automatically generates Data for data parameterization.

In short, Testmagic™ is an enterprise automation platform enables an ideal world of testing with its feature of enhancement and a new way of doing automation software testing. It is Ten times easier, faster, productive, reusable, and will take only 0.1 times overall effort and cost.

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