Top 10 Features of TestMagic™


How it’s Best Then Other Tools in Market

  1. Codeless test automation: TestMagic™ code less scripting automation software testing suite. The only requirement of capturing screen apply validation using inbuilt function will create an automation software testing script.
  2. Quick ROI (Return On Investment) : Testmagic™ suit will create script after first time capturing and will execute that script after the first time of creation, so ROI will be covered in the second cycle of testing.
  3. Easy to learn: New Tester will take only a week to learning all the features of tools and how its work.
  4. No need for coding skills: It is a codeless tool so need to for coding skills for making automation script.
  5. Easy to maintain script: Hybrid Framework and inbuilt object repository features help to maintain script if any changes occur in AUT(Application under test)
  6. Object repository: Tester no need to create Object Repository, TestMagic™ is featured with inbuilt object repository.
  7. Flexible Data Parameterization: Tester can set data parameterization on different levels like on environment level, module level, tester level, test case level, local and global level.
  8. Supporting: Testmagic™ can support Multitype (Functional, Performance, Security and RPA (Robotic process of automation), Multi-Platforms (Web, Mobile, Oracle, Window, SAP, Mainframe, AS400.. & more), Multi-OS (Linux, Unix, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS & Blackberry), Multi-Device (Desktop, Mobile, IPad/Notebook/Tablets), Multi-Browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Android, iOS), Multi-Lingual, and Generates Multi-Level Reporting.
  9. Automatically generates Data for data parameterization.
  10. Benefits: 10 times easier,  faster, productive,  reusable,1/10 times overall effort and cost

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