Verification and Validation (Software Testing Approach)


        Verification and Validation (Software Testing Approach)



Software Testing is the Verification and Validation of a Software application.

Verification and Validation are very important often used terms in testing. Both terms are different from each other. 



The process focuses on Process-related activities (not the actual final product) of a development phase to ensure that whether they meet the specified requirements for that phase. i.e. Are we building the product right?

Evaluation Items required in Verification are Plans, Requirement, Design, Code and Test Cases.

Activities in Verification: –

  • Reviews

  • Walk-through

  • Inspections


The process focuses on Product- related activities to ensure that the products and deliverable’s meet the specified requirement before the final testing. i.e. Are we building the right product?

Evaluation Items required in Validation is the actual product/software.

Activities in Validation: –

  • Testing

for more detail read V- Model


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