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Automation Testing


What Is Automation?

In general, automation is a process through which we enable a machine to do human task like a human can do. Automation is required where repetition of work is task is more. By use of automation one can get reduction in cost, save time and efforts.

What Is Software Automation Testing?

Manual testing is done by a human sitting in front of a system actively executing the test steps.

Automation Testing is a testing technique in which we can do manual tests using software.

Automation testing is a testing where the tester writes scripts by own and uses suitable software to test the software. In other word, Automation testing uses automation tools to write and execute test cases, no manual participation is required while executing an automated test suite.

Basically, automation testing is an automation process of a manual process.


Why to use Automation?

  • Efforts done manually cannot be saved.

  • To achieve project deadlines.

  • To achieve cross platform and browser testing with less efforts and time.

  • To save time and cost.

  • Ease to access of information about tests or testing.

  • To achieve testing of multi lingual sites.

  • More reliable then manual testing.


Where to Use Automation?

  • Where there is repetition of Human Efforts.

  • Automation Testing required in Sanity and Regression testing.

  • The frequency of sanity is more than the regression hence sanity should get more priority of automation.

  • Where test cases are highly risky – Business Critical test cases.

  • Test Cases that have replicated task or hard to perform manually

  • Test Cases which are time consuming


How to do Automation Testing?

  • Automation testing is being done by some special kind of software called as “Automation Testing Tools”.

  • These tools provide us the facility to perform all the manual steps which a manual tester performs on the Application under Test, Get the Expected Result and Comparison of Expected vs Actual.

  • These tools also provide us the ability make the status of a test case as passed or failed.


Advantage of Automation Testing

  • Fast: – Automation runs test cases 70% faster than the manual testing.

  • Less Investment of Human Resources: –Test cases are executed by using automation tool so less testers are required in automation testing.

  • More Reliable: – Automation tests perform precisely same operations each time they are run.

  • Programmable: – Testers can create sophisticated script of testing  to bring out hidden information.

  • Reuse: – Test scripts are re-usable.

Disadvantage of Automation Testing

  • ROI (Return on Investment) comes very late.

  • More Skilled Testers are Required.

  • More Maintenance is involved

Basic Fundamental of Functional Automation Testing

  • All UI Elements are known as  “Objects”in automation testing.

  • All automation tools work on the fundamental of identification of objects provided by the developers at the time of development.

  • Implementation of identification method may vary from tool to tool but fundamental will be same.

How to choose an Automation tool?

Selecting the right tool is one of biggest challenges to be tackled before going for automation.

  • Identify the requirements.

  • Explore various tools and its capabilities.

  • Set the expectation from the tool.

  • Finally, go for a Proof of Concept.

 Following condition will help you select the best tool for your requirement

  • Environment Support

  • Ease of use

  • Testing of Database

  • Ability to recognize objects in any environment

  • Extensive test reports and results

  • Minimize training cost of selected tools

  • Object identification

  • Image Testing

  • Error Recovery Testing

  • Support  various kind of testing like functional, Test management, mobile testing, etc..

  • Support for multiple testing frameworks

  • Easy to debug the automation software scripts

  • Object Mapping

  • Scripting Language Used

Automation Tools available in the market



Desktop Based Application’s tools

Web Based Application’s Tools

Mobile Based Application’s Tools


Quick Test Professional

Quick Test Professional



Silk Test


Robotium (Android)


Test Complete


UI Automation(iOS)


Rational Robot

Test Complete


Coded UI

Coded UI (IE only)


Top 5 Automation Testing Tool

  1. Selenium

  2. QTP (HP UFT)

  3. Rational Function Tester

  4. WATIR

  5. SilkTest



Selenium is an open source for web automated testing on different browsers and platforms.

Selenium is not just a single tool but a collection of software’s, each tool is user to different testing needs of an organization. It has four components.

  • Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

  • Selenium Remote Control (RC)

  • WebDriver

  • Selenium Grid

Selenium IDE provides playback and recording facility for regression testing. It Supports only Mozilla Firebox web browser.

  • Using Selenium we can export recorded script in different languages like Java, Ruby, RSpec, Python, C#, Junit and TestNG

  • Selenium can execute several tests at a time

  • Selenium is used for Walkthrough tests

  • Identifies the element using Identifier, Id, Name, Link, DOM, XPath, CSS, UI-element

  • Using Selenium we can save tests in any format like Ruby Script, HTML, and etc…

  • Selenium provides an option to assert the title for every page

  • It supports selenium user-extensions.js file

  • For better understanding and debugging in selenium we can  insert comments in the middle of the script

Download Selenium


QTP(Quick Test Professional) (HP UFT)

QTP automation testing is more efficient and maintain testers and developers collaboration. QTP is a functional automated testing software.Will create quality automation testing scripts in the speed of your business requirement.

  • QTP mostly used for regression or functional testing, for any software application and environment.

  • Keyword driven testing is used in QTP for simplify test creation and maintenance.

  • Tester can directly create test cases from the application.

  • Non-technical person can also learn and create automated test cases

  • It fix defects faster by thoroughly documenting and replicating defects for developer.

  • QTP supports .NET development environment

  • It has better object identification mechanism

  • By using the ActiveScreen tester can enhance QTP script without AUT(Application Under Test)

  • Test creation and documentation are collapse at a single site

  • Parameterization is easy than WinRunner.

Download HP QTP


Rational Functional Tester

For QA teams Rational Functional Tester(RFT) is an automated functional and regression testing solution  concerned with the quality of their Java™, Web-based, Microsoft® Visual Studio .NET®, terminal-based, SAP, Siebel, and Web 2.0 applications.

The main features of this tool are

  • For automate functional, regression, data-driven testing and GUI testing, RFT is a Object-Oriented testing tool.

  • It supports a wide range of protocols and applications like Java, HTML, NET, Windows, SAP, Visual basic, etc.

  • Eclipse Java Developer Toolkit editor facilitates the team to code test scripts in Java with Eclipse

  • It supports custom controls through proxy SDK (Java/.Net)

  • It supports version control to enable parallel development of test scripts and concurrent usage by geographically distributed team

  • It can record and replay the actions on demand

  • It integrates well with source control management tools such as Rational Clear Case and Rational Team Concert integration

  • It allows developers to create keyword associated script so that it can be re-use

Download Rational Functional Tester



WATIR is an open source testing software used for regression testing. Tests written in this are easy to read and maintain. WATIR support only internet explorer  while WATIR web driver supports Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, etc.

  • WATIR works on multiple browsers on different platforms.

  • Rather than using proprietary vendor script it uses a full featured modern scripting language Ruby

  • It supports your web app regardless of what it is developed in

Download Watir


Silk Test

Silk test is just like C++ object oriented language. It is designed for functional and regression testing. Concept of Classes, Object and Inheritance are used in this.

Main Features of Silk Test are.

  • Silk Test contains all the source script files.

  • Silk Test converts the script commands into GUI commands.

  • Silk Test execute for identify the movement of mouse along with keystrokes.

  • Silk Test can perform both playback and record method or descriptive programming methods to get the dialogs.

  • Silk Test can identify all controls and windows of the application under test as objects and determine all of the attributes and properties of each window

  • Efficiently verify functionality across browsers with a single, portable test script

  • Increase speed of testing in DevOps environments with embedded quality automation

  • Leverage the cloud to cost effectively test an unlimited number of user configurations

  • Centralize test automation for desktop, web, mobile, and enterprise applications

  • Improve software quality without disrupting development tools and processes

Download SilkTest


Automation testing is a best way to fulfill most of the testing goals with effective resources and time. Selecting the right tool that fulfills the requirement of the application can be a tricky task, because not any tool capable for fulfill 100% requirement.


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